2020 is upon us! Can’t wait to start the new year with fresh ideas and new goals. But before that, I want to take you down our 2019 memory lane.

February 2019 – Vegas Trip🧳

I loved our Vegas trip with my mom! It was so much fun and we got to meet new people and new brands. It was after this trip, that we introduced new brands to our shoe shop. Our most favorite is Qupid. They are such good quality on-trend style shoes that don’t brake the bank!


March 2019 – Spring Arrivals📸

Our spring photoshoot was on a very windy day. We introduced our sheer kimonos this past spring and you girls loved them. They SOLD OUT before making it to our online store! Unfortunately, we could not get more kimonos. However be on the lookout because we have new spring styles coming in 2020!


May 2019 – Summer Festivals🎸

May was filled with concerts and festivals. I did meet-n-greet with two of my favorite bands and made a getaway trip to Dallas! The Libby shoes I took on my trips this year are still very comfortable. The removable socks I had in my shoes for the concerts finally gave their last breath this past November. Considering I had them since the beginning of the year I say they did a very good job. Also, I am saving the shoes I had during the meet-n-greets because they are so special to me now!


September 2019 – Getting Fall Ready🛍

In September we started to introduce our Fall/Winter styles to end the year. This year I opted for short boots more than tall boots. I also went with more western styles boots because after all this is Texas ya’ll! My schedule started to get super busy from this point and I stopped blogging for a couple of months. Then it got kind of crazy when I started the Black Friday Sale in November. These daily sales were a big hit and I will do it again in Fall 2020!


What to expect on 2020!✨

Sarichka turns 5 years old in April of 2020 and I have so many ideas on how to celebrate. The main change you can expect is a new website look that will be more visually pleasing and easier to navigate. I also plan to do something super extra and special for our customers during that month, but I am not spilling tea yet! Don’t forget to sign up to our email list and follow us on Facebook/Instagram to be notified of our sales, new arrivals and extra perks!


I wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Cheers to 2020!🥂


Shoe addict,

Sara B.

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