2020 Year of the Couch Potato🥔🥔🥔


Hey there! Let me ask you something, if someone had asked you in January what you would be doing in April of 2020, what would you have answered? I for one would have told you that I was going to celebrate Sarichka’s 5 year anniversary! No one would have imagined the way things turned out unfortunately. However remember this, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The entire world has been affected by this situation, our plans have been paused (I don’t want to use the word cancelled) but we will get up from this and continue from where we left off.

I have taken this opportunity of being home all day to finally get some projects finished and chores done. My shoe closet is finally organized, the storage area where I keep the inventory is squeaky clean and I was finally able to set up a mini studio to take some flatlay photos of shoes. As things slowly get back to normal, it is my plan to post more pictures of the shoes on social media.

Our shop is still closed until further notice and we are shipping online orders on Monday and Thursday only, for now. The live Facebook sales are paused because I just cannot get a good internet connection every time I try to go live! You are always welcome to window shop at my online store and if you want to chat don’t hesitate to send me a DM.

I have a sale going on sitewide that takes me back to good times when my mom would drag me to the shoe store almost every other day! Many of you probably remember the BOGO 50% Off sales that a shoe store used to have very often. Well, I have decided to keep this sale going for the next few months! There is no code needed to get this discount, just add 2 items to your shopping cart. This sale is for our website only.

As we celebrate 5 years here at Sarichka, every order placed this month of April will be sent with a little gift. I am also sending something special to the members of our private Facebook group so if you have not signed up do so now!

I honestly can’t wait for things to go back to normal even if it’s a “new normal”! The first thing I will do once we are able to travel is head to the beach! Stay safe, stay indoors! It’s the year of the couch potato! LOL


Shoe addict,

Sara B.

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