Yellow Outfit for Minions Movie July 7, 2015 13:28 1 Comment

Yellow... I don't really wear yellow but it actually matches pretty good with my favorite metal color, gold. On one of my blog post somebody requested a yellow inspired outfit for the Minions movie. (Which by the way is this Friday July 10! YAY!) I can't wait to see that movie, it looks pretty funny LOL. Anyways, well here I decided to go a little different from my leggings and pair our Yellow Tunic with Handkerchief Hem with our Ivory Shorts with Gold Buckle. I usually don't wear shorts because of my blue birthmark on one of my legs (it kinda looks like a really big blue bruise actually) but decided to use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup. It actually made my legs look really nice :) On to the outfit, for the jewelry I went with our Bronze Diamond Decorated Flower Jewelry Set and added a watch the Gold Color Moon/Star Shape Ladies Watch. I added a watch this time because I go to the Edwards Cinema on the Houston Marq*E and there is this pizza place that I just love Russo's New York Pizzeria where I go and have a slice of pizza before the movie. While I am enjoying my pizza I need to also keep track of time. I don't like to carry large bags when I go to the movies so I decided to go for a clutch in beige color. This clutch will be added to our website tomorrow it features gold hardware, removable shoulder straps and wrist band. For the shoes I picked our Rhinestone Studded Sandal. I went with sandals this time because between the parking lot the pizza place and the theater its quite a walking distance and I want to be comfortable :) However if you don't mind the walking then you can also pair the outfit with our Taupe Wedges with Gold Trim. Hope you ladies like the ensemble and please don't hesitate to send more requests. I like the challenge actually ;)- LOL