Day 3 Blue & Black Animal Print Outfit July 11, 2015 20:06 1 Comment

I am in love with how this outfit looks!<3 Blue is my favorite color and I love animal prints. I will wear this outfit on Sunday so I wanted to put together and outfit that is both elegant and practical. Here I picked our Black/Blue Animal Print Long Dress with Buckle Design. One thing I absolutely love about this dress is the way its cut. The front panel is black and the rest of the dress all around the back is blue in animal print design. It gives the illusion of an hourglass shape. *Sexy* However it still has modesty in it since the dress is long and the neckline is cover up high. For the jewelry I will wear our Blue Rhinestone Jewelry Set in Silver Color. I feel the dress is cute enough and already makes a fashion statement so a more simple jewelry set that complements the dress color is sufficient. For the handbag I will take our Blue Animal Print Handbag. Its roomy enough to hold my Ipad and other books and it has the perfect design for my Sunday Best Outfit. For the shoes I will wear our Black Shiny Wedge with Strap. I will be walking quite a bit on stairs so I feel that the strap on the wedge is a must. Of course I will also probably take some rhinestone studded flats in black that is sold in my shoe shop just in case. Either way this outfit is absolutely my favorite!<3 Don't forget a lot of the items featured in these recent blog posts will be added to our online store next week. I am already working on Fall/Winter looks and can't wait to share those ideas with all of you! :D