❤For the love of Leopards!🐆

❤For the love of Leopards!🐆

Fall is officially around the corner!🏈🍁🍂 Can't wait for cooler weather to hit Houston, I love summer but this heat though😓 The highlight of my summer was our vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida. We stayed at Celadon Beach Resort and absolutely loved the view to the ocean🌅 If you follow us on social media you've probably already seen this pics but this was my favorite❤ 


We got treated to a rainbow Sunday morning and a waterspout! Can't wait to see where we go next year!

Okay, so for this coming Fall season we have noticed there is a trend with leopard prints. It's everywhere! From shoes to clothing, we have noticed this print on various brands. With that being said here is our Leopard print flats❤🐆❤ 


I👏LOVE👏THESE👏SHOES👏 The material is a very soft faux suede material that feels and looks like a $40+ shoe, but it's only $12!! I can't wait to wear this with my fall outfit I have put together. Of course we also have this same shoe in other trending neutral colors😍💁‍♀️


We will be adding new custom jewelry as well on our website. These pieces are handmade which makes each one unique. They are made by my mom, Rosa, and she has some super cute and chic designs for this fall season as well.


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I would love to hear where you went for this summer! Comment below and let me know, I need tips for next year😉 

Shoe Addict,

Sara B.

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