🎊Going into 2019 comfortably👟

🎊Going into 2019 comfortably👟

🎆I am so ready for 2019✨! The first thing I do once is January is hit up my local Bath and Body Works!🤷‍♀️ Hey, I used to work there and lemme give you some insider knowledge (some pretty good stuff comes out at heavily discounted prices right after New Year’s Day💸💸) If you are like me then you know that the first thing to do before going shopping is grab a comfy pair of shoes for all that walking.🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Let’s be real, most of us wear either flats or sneakers most of the time because of the comfort. I read an article recently talking about the decline in high heel sales where it said in part that “Comfort is trending. That is like the number one thing. Women want to be comfortable” Its true, today’s women put comfort first when dressing up for either work or play. Society is changing and we don’t want to be measured by the height of our heels.👩 With that being said, what options do you have in comfortable shoes for different occasions? Keep scrolling to see my Top Picks!♥♥♥

1. Shoes for everyday wear (Style shown Mable-1 in Tan) I love how cushioned☁ these flats are and they are so easy to slip on (🧦 socks optional) It's all in the details for a shoe to make you look classy😉


2. Sneakers for working out or to match the "I am fit" outfit😉(Style shown Y15902 in Grey) Having a good pair of sneakers is a must in your shoe closet👟 My fave feature in this sneaker is the wedge, it gives a cushioned feel each time you walk🚶‍♀️ I am looking forward to wearing these for my New Year's resolution (Yep, I'm at it again🤷‍♀️)


3. Flats for work (Style shown FU0012 in Red and Nude) Ladies are swapping their heels for flats! Society is changing and wearing comfy flats to work is now more acceptable💁‍♀️ I have seen some wear round flats to work and that is fine, but I really think that a pointed toe is more classy💄 Also, you can't go wrong with a patent look😍 


4. Comfy at Special Occasions (Styles shown Mika-42 in Rosegold and Supple-07 in Red) The shoe industry has picked up on the comfort trend and has designed flats that can be worn for more formal occasions. If you want to be comfortable at that next party I highly recommend you opt for either flats with a patent look or even better.. 😍💎RHINESTONE STUDDED💎😍 We no longer wear just black, gold or silver to formal occasions, we love color🌈 Take for example these trending Rose gold flats or these Red flats perfect for the season!


Here is a pic of me wearing the Mika-42 in Rose gold for a formal occasion this past summer📸

💎Shining like a diamond but comfortable(the feet of course!😉)💎 

There are so many styles that I just love (and are in my closet🤫) but I wanted to keep this post short and sweet. What style of flat is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below👇 

Btw, ✨Happy New Year✨ 

Shoe Addict,

Sara B.

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