Let the Summer Festivals Begin🌴

Let the Summer Festivals Begin🌴

With Summer almost here many are already making plans to assist Summer events and go on vacations with the kiddos. I started this month of May attending two rock concerts, so I guess you could say I'm on the right track😎 I have one more concert to go to this Summer, after my vacation in August. Still undecided on where to go, any ideas?

Whether you are planning to go to a festival or on vacation you will need COMFY SHOES! I traveled to Dallas for one of the concerts and had to stand in line for almost 5 hours under the sun🌞 For the trip to Dallas I wore our Libby Comfort Shoes and for my outfit I had our Gloria Open flats in Black.

I decided to put together one very cool rock and rollish outfit to wear to all the Summer concerts I plan to go to. For the top I picked the Colleen Lopez Burnout Velvet Tunic and for the pants I picked Yummie Faux Leather Legging with Zipper Detail. I was super nervous about how the pants would look on me since I am plus size, but OMG they are so soft and comfortable I had absolutely no discomfort from them after standing in line for 5 hours!

The Colleen Lopez Burnout Velvet Tunic did run a little big so I had to make it smaller (no really, I did make it smaller) Good thing my mother is a seamstress! After the alteration the tunic fit like a charm. I just love how this tunic looks on me! Although I am petite (5' 2") the pants fitted like a charm. Plus they are super stretchy! Love them!

I was very undecided on the shoes. At first I wanted to wear our Short Boots with Buckle Details but it was too high and would have covered the zipper detail on the pants. Then I started to notice on the band's vocalist Instagram page that he wears mostly pointed shoes. So I narrowed down my options to pointed shoes. The Gloria flats had the pointed toes plus the open shank design was perfect to still showcase the zipper detail on the pants. Perfection!

Of course no outfit is complete without jewelry. Especially if you are going to see the "Gods of Glam Rock"🤘 Because I was going to do a Meet and Greet with both of my fave bands I wanted a custom made piece of jewelry. I opted for just a necklace since I felt that both the top, the pants and the shoes already made enough fashion statements on their own. My mom had many years ago designed this beautiful necklace that had 4 layers of chains with crystal bi cones and pearls. It looked like something Cleopatra would wear👑 I really wanted something flashy so I went to the Jewelry Show here in Houston and picked out the colors I wanted for a similar necklace. The finished product was just so beautiful I was worried about being overdressed 😅

But of course in the world of Rock and Roll being over the top is ideal so I just "rolled" with it😂 Another very important piece that made the shoes bearable for standing long hours was our Foot Petals Washable Terry Insoles. Gals, if you are going to wear any kind of flats but don't want to wear socks, then you NEED these insoles! After the first concert I threw them in the washer and let them air dry. They were good as new and ready to go for the second concert! Plus they are super easy to change from one shoe to another. These insoles are my new favorites!😉

Can't wait to see what else this Summer will bring! Who should I go see Live next? Check out my pics from the concerts below🎸

 Shoe Addict,

Sara B.

The Gazette performed live at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX

The Struts performed live at The House Of Blues in Houston, TX

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