Apple Green Outfit with Flats or Heels July 1, 2015 17:30

I got a lot of positive feedback from my last outfit so I decided to share my favorites. I am currently working with a photographer so I can show you guys how the ensemble will look when all put together. Of course I will wait until this crazy weather here in Houston settles since I want to take the pictures in some of Houston's beautiful landmarks <3 :) So excited about it! I'm even changing my hair color LOL ;) Well on to the outfit... Here I present to you an outfit worked around our Apple Green Tunic. It features a sharkbite hem and ruched bustline. My favorite part about this tunic is the back tie. I have other tunics similar to this one without the back tie and let me tell you, having a back tie makes a huge difference in how the piece will look on you. The jewelry piece I chose for this outfit is the Tribal Green Beads Multilayer Necklace. Because of the neckline of the tunic this necklace will look great! I mentioned on my previous blog that I prefer leggings over shorts. Well here I went for our Black Capris which fit almost like leggings but with a capri cut. In my opinion wearing a flowy tunic like this one should be matched with leggings or other piece that will fit close to the skin. I feel it helps me to define my waistline :D Because its summer I paired the outfit with our Laser Cut Floral Handbag in Silver. Did I mention that the handbag comes with a mini bag inside <3 Love it! As for the shoes... well, I was undecided between flats or heels. So I picked one of each. I really feel that the shoes for this outfit will greatly depend on the occasion you want to wear it for. If I am going shopping I would wear the flats they are cute, match the outfit and will not hurt my feet after all that walking LOL. I would go for the heels if I am going to have brunch with my friends or dinner with my hubby <3 What is your favorite color? I might work around it for my next blog post! ;)


P.S. The shoes are sold at my shoe store here in Houston. If anyone is interested in a pair let me know. I can take online orders as well:)