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Leopards and Gold!<3 August 17, 2015 18:43

Well we are heading towards the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Honestly I can't wait for the first wave of cold fronts to hit because it has been so hot here in Houston that OMG! Also I really like the weather here in Fall and the return of my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte LOL. Who does not love cuddling up in their big comfy chair with your favorite throw to read a book, drink lattes, etc.. Well here I have created an outfit that I feel will be a great transition outfit from Summer to Fall. Temperatures are starting to drop here in Houston but its still warm so I opted for a open top. The colors I chose that will probably also be the staples for me this upcoming season is beige with animal print design. In this case my favorite animal print for the season is leopard <3. i="" picked="" our="" halter="" top="" with="" leopard="" print="" in="" taupe="" color="" for="" the="" pants="" new="" palazzo="" beige="" this="" are="" available="" sizes="" 1x-6x="" jewelry="" watch="" and="" earrings="" went="" tassel="" design="" stud="" gold="" handbag="" will="" be="" added="" later="" to="" store="" brown="" white="" blue="" particular="" outfit="" cross="" body="" bag="" you="" can="" also="" pair="" a="" or="" but="" wanted="" continue="" theme="" every="" piece="" feel="" it="" makes="" statement="" 3="" shoes="" both="" heel="" flat="" because="" usually="" start="" heels="" end="" up="" flats="" lol="" cut="" out="" high="" is="" actually="" sandal="" chain="" accents="" probably="" go="" more="" sandals="" just="" they="" match="" so="" well="" hope="" all="" like="" combination="" don="" t="" forget="" let="" me="" know="" what="" think="" p="">