#MyFav3 April 17, 2017 17:01

What is #MyFav3? Well, let me tell you all about it! Our most popular sale during spring/summer is our 3 for $25 sandals. We carry a large variety of styles from sizes 5-10 in adult and 9-4 for girls. You can mix and match from both the girls and women collections. New styles come in each week for our special, so don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be first to know what is new! Starting next month May, we will start our monthly giveaway! We are really excited to finally tell you about it! Here is how this will work. First, pick your 3 favorite sandals from our 3 for $25 special. Second, post a picture of your sandals on our Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtags #MyFav3 and #SarichkaBoutique. Third, we will pick 1 lucky winner each week! What are the prizes? It could be anything from coupons to promotional products! We will let everyone know the prize of the week on Tuesdays, starting May 9, on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We have big plans for this year! Soon we will open more locations here in Houston, TX. We will keep you posted!



Spring is Coming! LOL March 13, 2017 10:46

What is my most favorite part about Spring? Well, planting my vegetable garden was the first thing I took care of for the season. I most definitely can't wait to head to the beach as well. This year I will experiment with finger sandwiches on our beach/park picnics, YUM! The water is still kind of cold but the weather is wonderful here in Houston<3 All in all, hanging out with family and friends under our carport for barbecue is the best<3<3! Have you picked your favorite 3 sandals? I picked mine and love them. However, I am very tempted to pick another 3 from our new arrivals! They are so cute! We will have a lot of actives at our shop this coming season as well, from giveaways to sales. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified. Share your favorite 3 sandals with us using the hashtag #MyFav3 Check out the ones I picked below. That hashtag will also get you into our first giveaway of the year! More on that later, K! ;)

Which 3 did you pick? Share it with us using #MyFav3