Girl's Princess Outfit<3 September 21, 2015 15:37

October is officially around the corner and my favorite drink PSL is back! I have already started to decorate my home in orange, red and brown<3. Well for this week I decided to make a Princess themed girls outfit. We have many very cute dresses for girls and babies! Don't forget if you need to buy the entire outfit for your princess (dress, jewelry, shoes) call us! We will give you a special discount for buying an outfit! My favorite princess of all times since I was a girl has always been Cinderella<3. That is why I went with the Blue color scheme in this outfit. Wells let's start with the dress. I picked our Turquoise Lace Overlay Girls Dress. It's available in sizes 2-10. Don't forget all of our dresses are proudly Made in the USA. For the jewelry and shoes I picked two different options. In my shoe store I get parents that don't want their girls to wear heels. For the first option I picked our Silver Jeweled Flat for girls available in sizes 9-4. The picture really does not do this shoe justice it looks much more shiny in person! For the jewelry if you go with the flats I picked our Blue Swan Jewelry Set. Swan Princess<3! LOL For the head piece I think a simple headband with a large blue or silver flower will look really good. Now if you are okay with you princess wearing heels I picked our Silver Bow Heels with Jewel accents. This shoe looks so cute when the little girls try them on<3 For the jewelry if you go with the heels I picked our Silver Color CZ Heart Shape Stud Earrings. To top it off I added a Heart Shape Tiara. Beautiful<3! I will probably do another princess them outfit later in the month. Tell me! Who is your favorite princess? <3


Retro Red! September 14, 2015 06:22

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Well I am loving the weather right now here in Houston. Its not too cold or hot but just right LOL. Anyway, with this weather I can now start wearing my favorite Palazzo Pants. They just seem to me to look better in fall/winter season. Well on to this week's outfit... for this week I went with a more retro look and another of my favorite colors.. Red. I also really like the chevron pattern in this outfit. For the top I picked our Red Mock Neck Halter Top. The way this top is cut to show your shoulders is great for long tassel earrings. For the pants I picked our Multicolor Print Palazzo Pants. I top that fits close to the body looks better with a more loose pant in the bottom. For the jewelry I picked our Red Tassel Earrings. This type of earring is actually a trend right now. The style of this earring also goes very well with the retro look of the outfit. For the purse I picked our new Multicolor Rivet Clutch Bag. The pattern and color of the clutch goes very well with the palazzo pants. For the shoes I picked our Coral Rubber Sandals. These sandals have a cute design but are also extremely comfortable. I own these sandals in the black color and wow I just love how comfortable they are to walk. Well I hope you girls like my picks for this week. If you prefer to cover your shoulders you can wear our Red Cardigan with Drop Shoulder and Lace back Design. Wow as I am writing this post I felt a cool breeze come from my window. I just love this weather right now here in Houston<3.

Green for fall! September 7, 2015 11:46

Green is such a lovely color! It goes well any time of the year. For this week's outfit I worked around the color green and beige. I really feel that beige complements green perfectly. For the top I picked our Handkerchief Hem Top in Green. This top has been widely accepted as a customer favorite. Not only because the top itself is flattering but also the fact that the ties in the back help adjust the top to your curves. It gives you a slim waist look when you tie it. Just love it<3. For the bottom I went with our Beige Leggings. This leggings are sold in various colors but the beige makes the green top really stand out. I also went with leggings because although here I paired the outfit with flats I plan to use this outfit with our new Wide Calf Boots in Tan. The leggings have a banded waistband making it very comfortable to wear. For the jewelry I picked our Green Flower Design Jewelry Set. I really like this set because it matches both the top and leggings color perfectly. I just love pairing everything<3. The necklace is a fashion statement on its own but because of the color it does not stand out as a summer piece. It can also be worn during fall and not look out of season. For the shoes I went with our Beige Cutout flats that is sold in our shoe store. I will probably add these later in our webstore. I have been working hard trying to organize the store so I can have the entire store online. I promise I will have everything up by this winter season. Well this is my third fall/winter look following the Leopard and Gold and the Biker looks. Which one is your favorite?

Biker Girl<3 August 31, 2015 12:57

Well the weather is definitely getting cooler here in Houston! I'm so excited about this coming season. We will have lots of new boot styles and for the first time (drum rolls please) we will have wide calf boots! OMG I am so going to get a few pairs of the wide calf boots. Every year I would see a very cute pair of boots but the shaft was small and even if I took it to a shoe repair shop the alteration would not mix well with the design of the boot. Well today I wanted to go with a more daring look for Fall/Winter so I picked the pieces around the Biker theme. Let's start with the top, here I picked our Black/Red Geometric Print Top with Faux Leather Sleeve Accents. Next the bottom, for this part I picked our Black Vegan Leather Pants with Patterned Design. You can wear these pants with the Geometric Print Top alone or if you want more coverage for warmth you can also pair this top with our Black Faux Leather Jacket with Abstract Texture Design and Asymmetrical Gold Zipper. For the shoes I went with one of our new Wide Calf Boots. The boot has a Leather design in the front but in the back it has a stretchy material than conforms to your leg. YAY! It has a side zipper so getting it on is easy. I tried these on and am absolutely in love with them<3 Well for the jewelry I picked our New Gun Black Metal Ball Shape Necklace and for the earrings I picked our New Gun Black Round Shape Stud Earrings. If you wear the jacket you can wear just the stud earrings. I would also put my hair up in a high ponytail to complete the look! Have you tried one of my looks? Please share them with us!

Leopards and Gold!<3 August 17, 2015 18:43

Well we are heading towards the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall. Honestly I can't wait for the first wave of cold fronts to hit because it has been so hot here in Houston that OMG! Also I really like the weather here in Fall and the return of my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte LOL. Who does not love cuddling up in their big comfy chair with your favorite throw to read a book, drink lattes, etc.. Well here I have created an outfit that I feel will be a great transition outfit from Summer to Fall. Temperatures are starting to drop here in Houston but its still warm so I opted for a open top. The colors I chose that will probably also be the staples for me this upcoming season is beige with animal print design. In this case my favorite animal print for the season is leopard <3. i="" picked="" our="" halter="" top="" with="" leopard="" print="" in="" taupe="" color="" for="" the="" pants="" new="" palazzo="" beige="" this="" are="" available="" sizes="" 1x-6x="" jewelry="" watch="" and="" earrings="" went="" tassel="" design="" stud="" gold="" handbag="" will="" be="" added="" later="" to="" store="" brown="" white="" blue="" particular="" outfit="" cross="" body="" bag="" you="" can="" also="" pair="" a="" or="" but="" wanted="" continue="" theme="" every="" piece="" feel="" it="" makes="" statement="" 3="" shoes="" both="" heel="" flat="" because="" usually="" start="" heels="" end="" up="" flats="" lol="" cut="" out="" high="" is="" actually="" sandal="" chain="" accents="" probably="" go="" more="" sandals="" just="" they="" match="" so="" well="" hope="" all="" like="" combination="" don="" t="" forget="" let="" me="" know="" what="" think="" p="">


Day 3 Blue & Black Animal Print Outfit July 11, 2015 20:06

I am in love with how this outfit looks!<3 Blue is my favorite color and I love animal prints. I will wear this outfit on Sunday so I wanted to put together and outfit that is both elegant and practical. Here I picked our Black/Blue Animal Print Long Dress with Buckle Design. One thing I absolutely love about this dress is the way its cut. The front panel is black and the rest of the dress all around the back is blue in animal print design. It gives the illusion of an hourglass shape. *Sexy* However it still has modesty in it since the dress is long and the neckline is cover up high. For the jewelry I will wear our Blue Rhinestone Jewelry Set in Silver Color. I feel the dress is cute enough and already makes a fashion statement so a more simple jewelry set that complements the dress color is sufficient. For the handbag I will take our Blue Animal Print Handbag. Its roomy enough to hold my Ipad and other books and it has the perfect design for my Sunday Best Outfit. For the shoes I will wear our Black Shiny Wedge with Strap. I will be walking quite a bit on stairs so I feel that the strap on the wedge is a must. Of course I will also probably take some rhinestone studded flats in black that is sold in my shoe shop just in case. Either way this outfit is absolutely my favorite!<3 Don't forget a lot of the items featured in these recent blog posts will be added to our online store next week. I am already working on Fall/Winter looks and can't wait to share those ideas with all of you! :D

Day 2 White Multicolor Outfit July 10, 2015 18:58

Day 2! Honestly this outfit looks great for spring as well but also fits summer really good. For this look I picked our White Multicolor Dress with Hi Lo Hem and Cutout Shoulders. The cut of the dress is actually very flattering. For the jewelry I picked our Pink Multi Strands Jewelry Set. The dress has hints of blue, white, pink and orange. But I found that the pink color matches better. Of course the necklace will also be available in multi colors as well. For the handbag I picked our Flower Studded Handbag in Pink and will also take the wallet that matches it. I am planning to use the wallet like a clutch when we go out for lunch and dinner. Finally for the shoes I picked our Taupe Wedge with Gold Trim. The taupe color looks pinkish in person and the gold trim goes perfect with the gold accent in the bag and jewelry. The dress will also be available in an Orange color that looks very pretty as well so it was really a hard decision to pick just one. LOL. One more day left for the last outfit! What color will it be?? LOL!


Day 1 Beige Outfit July 9, 2015 20:42

I am so excited! I am going to a 3 day convention next week where I will be fed spiritually. It was very hard to choose the outfits I will wear for those 3 days but finally put them together. Some of the items featured will be available for purchase until next week. Well for the next 3 days I will post one outfit in the order that I will be wearing them. Once I actually wear it next week I will take pictures and post on Facebook so you can get a better idea of how everything looks together. Well on to the first outfit, here I will wear our Beige Sleeveless Dress with Geometric Pattern and Mesh Accents. I decided to decorate this dress with our Black and White Butterfly Shape Design Jewelry Set. For the handbag I wanted to go with something roomy because I will be carrying my Ipad and other books so I went with our Kara Croc Shoulder Bag in Ivory. For the shoes, well I might be going to the 1st day convention after work in the morning so my feet will already be tired plus I will be going out for dinner with my hubby that day so I decided to go for my Beige Open Toe flats with Rhinestone Accents that is sold in my shoe shop. These shoes will be available for purchase next week in Beige, Camel and Black. I cant wait to show you ladies the other outfits, I just know you will love them! :)

Yellow Outfit for Minions Movie July 7, 2015 13:28

Yellow... I don't really wear yellow but it actually matches pretty good with my favorite metal color, gold. On one of my blog post somebody requested a yellow inspired outfit for the Minions movie. (Which by the way is this Friday July 10! YAY!) I can't wait to see that movie, it looks pretty funny LOL. Anyways, well here I decided to go a little different from my leggings and pair our Yellow Tunic with Handkerchief Hem with our Ivory Shorts with Gold Buckle. I usually don't wear shorts because of my blue birthmark on one of my legs (it kinda looks like a really big blue bruise actually) but decided to use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup. It actually made my legs look really nice :) On to the outfit, for the jewelry I went with our Bronze Diamond Decorated Flower Jewelry Set and added a watch the Gold Color Moon/Star Shape Ladies Watch. I added a watch this time because I go to the Edwards Cinema on the Houston Marq*E and there is this pizza place that I just love Russo's New York Pizzeria where I go and have a slice of pizza before the movie. While I am enjoying my pizza I need to also keep track of time. I don't like to carry large bags when I go to the movies so I decided to go for a clutch in beige color. This clutch will be added to our website tomorrow it features gold hardware, removable shoulder straps and wrist band. For the shoes I picked our Rhinestone Studded Sandal. I went with sandals this time because between the parking lot the pizza place and the theater its quite a walking distance and I want to be comfortable :) However if you don't mind the walking then you can also pair the outfit with our Taupe Wedges with Gold Trim. Hope you ladies like the ensemble and please don't hesitate to send more requests. I like the challenge actually ;)- LOL

My Burgundy Weekend Outfit! July 3, 2015 20:18

I will be going to my friend's baby shower this weekend! It's a Girl!<3<3<3 I tried to crochet a baby blanket but unfortunately the project got stalled, bummer :( Anyways, I will leave my hubby in charge at my shoe shop and will go "shopping" for a cute baby gift! LOL! I want to wear something that is both comfortable but also party ready. I decided to work around the color burgundy with gold and beige accents. The first piece is our Burgundy Chiffon Top with Open Sleeve Design. The sleeves on this top makes it easy to dress it up or down. (Plus I just love chiffon sleeves, something about them makes me feel sexy LOL) I paired the top with our Burgundy Leggings with Banded Waist. Again, flowy tops look better with leggings or other pieces that fit close to the skin. I will wear the Red Beads Weave Design Jewelry Set with this outfit for the party. As for the bag well here is a SPOILER ALERT! This cross body bag will be added to our shop on Monday in various colors. I went for a cross body bag because since I will go shopping and a party afterwards I don't want to carry a large bag. All I need is my money and phone for the occasion ;)- The beige color is actually a little darker it looks more like camel to me in person and matches the gold accent on the blouse. As for the shoes, well I will carry a bag because I am going for both (flats and heels) this time. Again both pairs are sold at my shoe shop and might be added online depending on how fast inventory moves on my shop. I went for a camel color sandal that has gold accents to it, both in the print of the sandal and the little straps that hug my feet. Love it <3 And for the party well, I will be around ladies that love to wear high heels so I will be wearing my Gold Lace Pumps that feature sequins and embroidery details. The gold pumps and burgundy outfit will make the whole ensemble pop! Of course I will keep my trusty sandals close by as backups once I get tired of my pumps, I will be honest they are really just for show ;)- LOL Somebody mentioned on my previous blog about putting together a outfit around the yellow color for the minions movie. Good news! I will put together a yellow outfit next week. Hope you all like it! Enjoy the fireworks and be safe out there this weekend! :)

Apple Green Outfit with Flats or Heels July 1, 2015 17:30

I got a lot of positive feedback from my last outfit so I decided to share my favorites. I am currently working with a photographer so I can show you guys how the ensemble will look when all put together. Of course I will wait until this crazy weather here in Houston settles since I want to take the pictures in some of Houston's beautiful landmarks <3 :) So excited about it! I'm even changing my hair color LOL ;) Well on to the outfit... Here I present to you an outfit worked around our Apple Green Tunic. It features a sharkbite hem and ruched bustline. My favorite part about this tunic is the back tie. I have other tunics similar to this one without the back tie and let me tell you, having a back tie makes a huge difference in how the piece will look on you. The jewelry piece I chose for this outfit is the Tribal Green Beads Multilayer Necklace. Because of the neckline of the tunic this necklace will look great! I mentioned on my previous blog that I prefer leggings over shorts. Well here I went for our Black Capris which fit almost like leggings but with a capri cut. In my opinion wearing a flowy tunic like this one should be matched with leggings or other piece that will fit close to the skin. I feel it helps me to define my waistline :D Because its summer I paired the outfit with our Laser Cut Floral Handbag in Silver. Did I mention that the handbag comes with a mini bag inside <3 Love it! As for the shoes... well, I was undecided between flats or heels. So I picked one of each. I really feel that the shoes for this outfit will greatly depend on the occasion you want to wear it for. If I am going shopping I would wear the flats they are cute, match the outfit and will not hurt my feet after all that walking LOL. I would go for the heels if I am going to have brunch with my friends or dinner with my hubby <3 What is your favorite color? I might work around it for my next blog post! ;)


P.S. The shoes are sold at my shoe store here in Houston. If anyone is interested in a pair let me know. I can take online orders as well:)


My New Favorite Pink Outfit! June 29, 2015 13:59

I need a new outfit I can wear around my shoe shop. I wanted something that says Summer and is both flattering and cute. I decided to work around the color pink with gold tone accessories. I matched pink with black because since I will wear it in my shoe shop I want to look like I am ready to go shopping! The jewelry has the gold tone I was looking for and the flower design is perfect for summer looks. The shoes and purse are both a neutral color black so I can wear with other outfits but also have the gold tone accent I need to match my jewelry. I just love gold<3! I could have also matched it with one of our cute shorts but I just love leggings. LOL. Cute don't you think!