Day 2 White Multicolor Outfit July 10, 2015 18:58

Day 2! Honestly this outfit looks great for spring as well but also fits summer really good. For this look I picked our White Multicolor Dress with Hi Lo Hem and Cutout Shoulders. The cut of the dress is actually very flattering. For the jewelry I picked our Pink Multi Strands Jewelry Set. The dress has hints of blue, white, pink and orange. But I found that the pink color matches better. Of course the necklace will also be available in multi colors as well. For the handbag I picked our Flower Studded Handbag in Pink and will also take the wallet that matches it. I am planning to use the wallet like a clutch when we go out for lunch and dinner. Finally for the shoes I picked our Taupe Wedge with Gold Trim. The taupe color looks pinkish in person and the gold trim goes perfect with the gold accent in the bag and jewelry. The dress will also be available in an Orange color that looks very pretty as well so it was really a hard decision to pick just one. LOL. One more day left for the last outfit! What color will it be?? LOL!


My New Favorite Pink Outfit! June 29, 2015 13:59

I need a new outfit I can wear around my shoe shop. I wanted something that says Summer and is both flattering and cute. I decided to work around the color pink with gold tone accessories. I matched pink with black because since I will wear it in my shoe shop I want to look like I am ready to go shopping! The jewelry has the gold tone I was looking for and the flower design is perfect for summer looks. The shoes and purse are both a neutral color black so I can wear with other outfits but also have the gold tone accent I need to match my jewelry. I just love gold<3! I could have also matched it with one of our cute shorts but I just love leggings. LOL. Cute don't you think!