Beach Inspired Summer Outfit May 11, 2016 09:12

Hey, well its been rainy here in Houston as some may already know. I am looking forward to summer (can't wait to go to the beach!) LOL Of course that is until my allergies calm down. Anyways I really wanted to start creating a cute summer outfit and this year I want to show a little more cleavage! The pink version of this top was featured in another blog post and it was a hit. This year for summer I am choosing the same top but in the blue color. What I like about this top is how the cutouts really make you look sexy. The cutouts run from the front to the back, its perfect for hot weather but without showing too much. The v-neck shape in the front is perfect to showcase the gold color turtle design jewelry set. I had a hard time debating over the turtle, starfish, dolphin etc.. so many choices! I ended picking the turtle because the shape really flatters the v-neck cutout from the top.. and its cute! I was not sure about picking shorts for this outfit I really had thought about capris, but, in the end the shorts were the way to go when I considered the weather. Plus shorts are just better when going to the beach or a cruise. LOL I picked the tan color to go with the natural color anchor and shell design cross body bag. This outfit will also go well with denim shorts (I just happen to like tan color alot). If you go with the denim shorts you can use the aqua color cross body bag. For the flats well it depends you can wear flip flops if going to the beach or a really cute pair of sandals with embellishments if going somewhere else. OMG I really really can't wait to go the beach! I just love spending time with the family at the beach! Have fun this summer!