The secrets your shoe reveals of you💁‍♀️👠

The secrets your shoe reveals of you💁‍♀️👠

When it comes to picking shoes, some go off based on how comfortable it feels, others go off based on a particular style and how the shoes make them feel. It has been found that specific aspects of footwear go with certain types of personalities.

Even though we all wear different types of shoes due to different occasions, most of us have a personal style that we usually gravitate to when choosing footwear. I went ahead and compiled a small list of shoes that reflect a certain personality trait. If you are looking to buy shoes for someone (like mom) but don’t know where to start, then read on and see if you can find her style.

1. Laid Back = Short Boots

This one is for those that do not think twice about that one-way ticket to Europe. If you like to go with the flow, then short boots on your feet will get you ready for wherever life takes you.

2. Serious = Stiletto

If you’re a serious person but a child at heart, then stilettos are your kind of shoes. You like to keep balance and those sky-high heels help you focus on maintaining that balance.

 3. Active = Flat Sandals

If you are all about being active, then you probably often go for a pair of flat sandals. You rather call than email and are a true extrovert.

 4. Loves Queen B or JLO = Thigh-high boots

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé, then thigh-high boots are your favorite. These boots give you the alluring qualities and a sexy silhouette that make you feel like Queen Bey herself. Plus, you’re an avid coffee lover!

 5. Old school = Kitten heel

If you rather stay home and watch classic movies than go out with friends, then the kitten heel is a staple in your wardrobe. You like to take it old school and don’t bother keeping up with social media.

 6. Likes pink = Platform Sandals

You have a real “pink color” obsession or anything that is super girly. You like platform sandals for the stability and focus it gives you to make it through the day. Plus, online shopping for shoes is your thing!

 7. Likes being comfortable = Flats

If you choose your outfits based on how comfortable they are then you probably have a huge collection of flat shoes. Hey, we all like heels but sometimes we just can’t wear them. Plus, flats capture that happy-go-lucky outgoing personality.

 8. Always on the go = Sporty Shoes

If you have a jam-packed schedule but like the run, then sporty shoes will help keep you on the go. Your friends wonder how you survive a day but, you find strength in being busy.

 9. Determined = Heeled Sandals

Perfect for those that are headstrong, work hard and are determined to achieve their goals. You walk with confidence and keep a good poise at everything you do. But likes to see a little glam when you look down at your feet.

Next time you meet someone, look at their shoes and think about what they might tell you about that person. Which type of shoe matches your personality? Let me know in the comments section below. Of course, I could just look at your shoes!


Shoe addict,

Sara B.

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