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Las Vegas New Product Spring Summer

When I think of Las Vegas the first thing that comes to mind is that Elvis song "Viva Las Vegas"πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ As promised, I went to check out new brands to bring back for you.😊 I was able to take pictures of most of the items we will be getting later this year. Some brands were pretty exclusive and did not allow picture taking so for those I will share the pics as they come in.

As some of you may already know, twice a year the fashion industry gets together for a tradeshow at Las Vegas. Many small and high-end stores shop the looks and products for the coming season. I also saw many very popular Instagram influencers who want to be in the know as to what will be the trend for the coming seasons. With that being said, the looks you shop from my store will keep you looking up-to-date with today's trends. Lets face it, we all want to look Instagram worthy!πŸ“Έ

But it wasn't all just about looks! Many of you have requested comfortable shoes in wide widths and boots for wide-calfs. Girl! I have got you covered! All right, lets jump to the pictures!πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

1.Foot Petals

My first stop was getting something that I constantly recommend my customers at the shop. Do you have a shoe that you absolutely love but has lost its comfortable padding? Or what about a heel that you need for your next wedding event but your specific size is not available? Its in these scenarios that we found Foot Petals shines! We will be getting foot pads to give your favorite shoes that comfort you need. Heel liners to make that heel (the Bride wants everyone to wear) fit. And some other extra accessories to extend the life of your shoes.πŸ‘’ We tried and tested their sneaker balls and foot pads and can guarantee they absolutely work! Foot Petals will be available in our shop by early March.

2.Steven Ella

If you have been our customer for awhile you probably already know all about Steven Ella. They are one of our best sellers in our shop due to its quality and affordable price. We will be getting a lot of πŸ’ŽblingπŸ’Ž this year from them on the sandals. I took a pic of some of my favorite Spring Flats I got from them. These styles will be arriving by April.


Now this is a new brand we will have at our store! For you wide-width gals this is the brand to look out for. Among some of our fave styles is a closed toe dress shoe with a hook and loop strap. This style fits wide-width sizes. If you are like me and don't wear heels higher than 4" inches then you will love the stacked heel sandal we got from them! Its the same trending style that will be popular this summer but with a shorter heel! Our top favorite is the cowboy boots with the slouch detail.😍 As you can see from the picture this boot fits wide-calfs!πŸ™Œ Most of these styles will be available by April.

4.Dream Seek

Guys! We didn't forget about you! Of course we got men shoes as well. We already carry this brand in our shop. We love the quality of these shoes and one of our Top Selling men dress shoes is from this brand. We will be getting many sneakers and tennis for you guys by March.

5.Pierre Dumas

We are so excited to get Pierre Dumas in our shop! They have been around for over 60 years and like my sales rep said they "are not new kids on the block and they know their stuff". The first thing that caught my attention was the quality and detail they put on their shoes. The boots with the snake print detail we shared on Instagram is from them. Guys! We got men shoes from them and they all have memory foam insoles! These are more on the luxury side but I promise its worth it! We will start receiving these styles between March and June.

6.Eva Varro

Eva Varro is probably the most luxurios item we will have in our shop. The pieces we will be getting from them are all custom made in the USA! The jackets we will get from them are so flattering.😍 These styles will all be available in plus sizes as well. Their leggings are double sided so its like getting 2 in 1. These will start arriving by late June.

7.Love Tree

You have probably seen this brand at other popular boutiques. Well Sarichka will not be left behind.πŸ˜‰ We got some very cute spring and fall pieces from them. They also have plus size. Their material is very airy and lightweight so its perfect for spring and summer. They will start arriving by late April.

8.Honey Punch

If you got our Lace Maxi Romper before then you already know all about Honey Punch. Their pieces are very unique and of good material. We already received a Black Lace Maxi Dress from them. Because they are so popular we were able to get a very limited quantity. Once a style is gone there is no guarantee we will be able to get more. The stripped jacket with the matching pants and jumpsuit will arrive by late July.

9.Sheer Kimonos

One thing we absolutely love about these is that they are 2" inches bigger than your average sheer kimono. Even though they are one-size if you are plus size these will fit. I made sure to check the fit!πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ I was actually looking for something like this to dress up my outfit for this trip and could not find any. I so wanted to get one on the spot! You can wear jeans and your favorite cotton t-shirt and dress up your look with a sheer kimono and a long necklace. These will be a must have staple piece in your closet. We will be getting these by late March.

10.Lena Luisa

We have been in the shoe business for well over 12 years now. One of the brands with started our company with was Lena Luisa. We have always loved their good quality and affordable price. They had soo many cute styles of sandals and I may have gone overboard hereπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ But one style I made sure to get in all colors for you ladies is the stacked heel platform sandals. I absolutely love the detail they put into their shoes plus they are lightweight! These will arrive by late April.

11.Stride by Sloggers

We loved this print so much we got all 4 heights of these rain boots. They are padded and are completely waterproof. This brand is based and make their boots in the USA. We checked the fit and these fit wide-widths sizes. They will start arriving by late April.


If you love Honey Punch but need a more affordable option then this is the brand to watch out for! They have the very popular lace maxi rompers! You will see these rompers all over Instagram in the coming season. We made sure to pick the top trending colors.πŸ™Œ These will start arriving by late April.


The flowy pieces and stunning prints of Angie's is what this spring/summer is all about. These are pieces you will want to take for your summer vacation. They are resort worthy and super comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. We are getting some beautiful blouses in plus size as well from them. They will start arriving by late March.


Here is another item you need to pack for your next vacation to that resort in Cancun! Authentic leather huaraches made in Mexico.Β These shoes do run on the wide side making them perfect for wide-width sizes. As its natural with real leather they will adjust to your feet with use. This one will arrive by May.

15. and of course more Accessories!πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

Purses, clutches, backpacks, fanny-packs, cross-body bags. You name it! We will be getting something for every style and print. Including the snake print which will be the trend of this year!🐍 They start arriving in March.

We will be notifying email subscribers first of any upcoming arrivals with a special introductory price. So make sure you are subscribed to our email list!πŸ“§ Some of you have sent me some really sweet notes and I want to say thank you so much for your kind words!😊

The lady in the pictures is my mom Rosa. Hey I need to make sure I was under control in Las Vegas!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ During the whole trip I wore my favorite Camel Short Slip on Boots. They were super comfortable for all that walking I did plus taking them off at the airport was a breeze. My mom wore our Black Shiny FlatsΒ and our Loafers with Laces.Β She wanted to not only be comfortable but wanted to look polish as well. Hey, shoes make the outfit!


Can't wait to share everything as we get them with our cute models on Instagram and Facebook! Is there a brand or specific style you would like to see us carry? Let me know in the comments section! In the meantime, let the summer shopping begin!🌞

Shoe addict,

Sara B.πŸ‘ 

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