Let the Summer Festivals Begin🌴 May 15, 2019 16:57

With Summer almost here many are already making plans to assist Summer events and go on vacations with the kiddos. I started this month of May attending two rock concerts, so I guess you could say I'm on the right track😎 I have one more concert to go to this Summer, after my vacation in August. Still undecided on where to go, any ideas?

Whether you are planning to go to a festival or on vacation you will need COMFY SHOES! I traveled to Dallas for one of the concerts and had to stand in line for almost 5 hours under the sun🌞 For the trip to Dallas I wore our Libby Comfort Shoes and for my outfit I had our Gloria Open flats in Black.

I decided to put together one very cool rock and rollish outfit to wear to all the Summer concerts I plan to go to. For the top I picked the Colleen Lopez Burnout Velvet Tunic and for the pants I picked Yummie Faux Leather Legging with Zipper Detail. I was super nervous about how the pants would look on me since I am plus size, but OMG they are so soft and comfortable I had absolutely no discomfort from them after standing in line for 5 hours!

The Colleen Lopez Burnout Velvet Tunic did run a little big so I had to make it smaller (no really, I did make it smaller) Good thing my mother is a seamstress! After the alteration the tunic fit like a charm. I just love how this tunic looks on me! Although I am petite (5' 2") the pants fitted like a charm. Plus they are super stretchy! Love them!

I was very undecided on the shoes. At first I wanted to wear our Short Boots with Buckle Details but it was too high and would have covered the zipper detail on the pants. Then I started to notice on the band's vocalist Instagram page that he wears mostly pointed shoes. So I narrowed down my options to pointed shoes. The Gloria flats had the pointed toes plus the open shank design was perfect to still showcase the zipper detail on the pants. Perfection!

Of course no outfit is complete without jewelry. Especially if you are going to see the "Gods of Glam Rock"🤘 Because I was going to do a Meet and Greet with both of my fave bands I wanted a custom made piece of jewelry. I opted for just a necklace since I felt that both the top, the pants and the shoes already made enough fashion statements on their own. My mom had many years ago designed this beautiful necklace that had 4 layers of chains with crystal bi cones and pearls. It looked like something Cleopatra would wear👑 I really wanted something flashy so I went to the Jewelry Show here in Houston and picked out the colors I wanted for a similar necklace. The finished product was just so beautiful I was worried about being overdressed 😅

But of course in the world of Rock and Roll being over the top is ideal so I just "rolled" with it😂 Another very important piece that made the shoes bearable for standing long hours was our Foot Petals Washable Terry Insoles. Gals, if you are going to wear any kind of flats but don't want to wear socks, then you NEED these insoles! After the first concert I threw them in the washer and let them air dry. They were good as new and ready to go for the second concert! Plus they are super easy to change from one shoe to another. These insoles are my new favorites!😉

Can't wait to see what else this Summer will bring! Who should I go see Live next? Check out my pics from the concerts below🎸

 Shoe Addict,

Sara B.

The Gazette performed live at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX

The Struts performed live at The House Of Blues in Houston, TX

The secrets your shoe reveals of you💁‍♀️👠 April 16, 2019 21:17

When it comes to picking shoes, some go off based on how comfortable it feels, others go off based on a particular style and how the shoes make them feel. It has been found that specific aspects of footwear go with certain types of personalities.

Even though we all wear different types of shoes due to different occasions, most of us have a personal style that we usually gravitate to when choosing footwear. I went ahead and compiled a small list of shoes that reflect a certain personality trait. If you are looking to buy shoes for someone (like mom) but don’t know where to start, then read on and see if you can find her style.

1. Laid Back = Short Boots

This one is for those that do not think twice about that one-way ticket to Europe. If you like to go with the flow, then short boots on your feet will get you ready for wherever life takes you.

2. Serious = Stiletto

If you’re a serious person but a child at heart, then stilettos are your kind of shoes. You like to keep balance and those sky-high heels help you focus on maintaining that balance.

 3. Active = Flat Sandals

If you are all about being active, then you probably often go for a pair of flat sandals. You rather call than email and are a true extrovert.

 4. Loves Queen B or JLO = Thigh-high boots

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé, then thigh-high boots are your favorite. These boots give you the alluring qualities and a sexy silhouette that make you feel like Queen Bey herself. Plus, you’re an avid coffee lover!

 5. Old school = Kitten heel

If you rather stay home and watch classic movies than go out with friends, then the kitten heel is a staple in your wardrobe. You like to take it old school and don’t bother keeping up with social media.

 6. Likes pink = Platform Sandals

You have a real “pink color” obsession or anything that is super girly. You like platform sandals for the stability and focus it gives you to make it through the day. Plus, online shopping for shoes is your thing!

 7. Likes being comfortable = Flats

If you choose your outfits based on how comfortable they are then you probably have a huge collection of flat shoes. Hey, we all like heels but sometimes we just can’t wear them. Plus, flats capture that happy-go-lucky outgoing personality.

 8. Always on the go = Sporty Shoes

If you have a jam-packed schedule but like the run, then sporty shoes will help keep you on the go. Your friends wonder how you survive a day but, you find strength in being busy.

 9. Determined = Heeled Sandals

Perfect for those that are headstrong, work hard and are determined to achieve their goals. You walk with confidence and keep a good poise at everything you do. But likes to see a little glam when you look down at your feet.

Next time you meet someone, look at their shoes and think about what they might tell you about that person. Which type of shoe matches your personality? Let me know in the comments section below. Of course, I could just look at your shoes!


Shoe addict,

Sara B.

🌸New Spring Favorites🌸 March 15, 2019 16:26

How is Daylight Savings Time treating you so far? I'm still taking that XXL Coffee every morning🤷‍♀️ Alot of work going on in our shop this week as we started to change everything around for our new Spring shoes (and doing some Spring Cleaning). The first shipment of sandals came this week and I can't wait to share my favorites with you. So with that being said let's get started!💁‍♀️

1. Snake Print Everything🐍

We have the trendy snake print design on everything, from sandals, heels, boots and even tunics (coming soon) I had such a hard time deciding which snake print to get! They are all sooo cute!😍 

Well to make it easy I first scratched off the heels from the list (sorry but I really really like to be comfy) My picks include a sandal, flat and mule.

For the sandal I picked our New Britney Slide Sandals. They feature a cork platform and two adjustable buckles. This design is inspired by the original Birkenstock and its become a staple for both Spring and Summer. I wear alot of capris during warmer weather days and these sandals will definitely add some sass to my outfits.


For the flat I picked our Gloria Open Flats in Beige. They feature a snake textured design and an open shank. I really wanted a neutral color in flats this time so it could match well with most of my outfits. Spring has a good mix of cooler and warmer days here in Houston (literally Winter and Summer in one week) so the open shank design will work wonderfully. 


I have been seeing mules in Instagram lately and I really wanted a pair! That's why I picked this next one, our New Sochi Mule Slides😍 OMG I just love how comfy this slides are! They really do elevate your look. If you are like me and don't always have that cute pedicure😅 then mules are the way to go. Elevates your look and helps with toe cover up!?? I declare this one a Spring Must Have!!💁‍♀️


2. HOLO Baby!✨

Now here are sandals that Cristine from Simply Nailogical would be proud of! This was another hard choice! All 3 colors are soo hot🔥🔥🔥 In the end I got the gold color of our New Ariel Holo Sandals. Love the retro vibe this sandals give. Pair these with some retro shades and a t-shirt for a really chic look.


3.Travel Shoes✈

One thing I promised myself to do more this Spring/Summer of 2019 is to travel more. I love traveling and getting to see new places. When I tried our New Naomi Perforated Flats I was blown away at how comfortable they were!😮 I will be honest, my feet is a little chuby and when I get any shoe with hook and loop straps like this one, I usually can't tie it all the way down. That was not the case here! Not only was I able to tie the strap all the way down but when I walked with them they felt soo dreamy☁ The first thing that came to mind was that these would make great travel shoes! They are easy to slide on and the perforations keep your feet airy and dry, however they also look great with black socks. You can bet I will be wearing these next time at the airport!😎


4.Sheer Kimonos to Dress Up👘

Our new sheer cover-ups are here and we are obsessed with them! They feature super cute prints in multiple colors. What I really love about these is that they are made with 2" extra inches around. Even though they are "One Size" thanks to those extra inches us plus size gals can also wear these and look great.💃 I will be wearing mine over a t-shirt with some of our custom jewelry. You can definitely also wear these over your swimsuit, they would also look fabulous with a wide belt and skinny jeans. At the moment I am still torn between the Pink Flower and the Peacock, might just get them both! Hey, life's short enjoy it to the fullest!😉


What do you think of my picks and which were your favorites? Let me know in the comments section below. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list!📧 Let the vacations begin!🏖

Shoe addict,

Sara B.

"Viva Las Vegas"🤠 February 14, 2019 17:09

When I think of Las Vegas the first thing that comes to mind is that Elvis song "Viva Las Vegas"🤷‍♀️ As promised, I went to check out new brands to bring back for you.😊 I was able to take pictures of most of the items we will be getting later this year. Some brands were pretty exclusive and did not allow picture taking so for those I will share the pics as they come in.

As some of you may already know, twice a year the fashion industry gets together for a tradeshow at Las Vegas. Many small and high-end stores shop the looks and products for the coming season. I also saw many very popular Instagram influencers who want to be in the know as to what will be the trend for the coming seasons. With that being said, the looks you shop from my store will keep you looking up-to-date with today's trends. Lets face it, we all want to look Instagram worthy!📸

But it wasn't all just about looks! Many of you have requested comfortable shoes in wide widths and boots for wide-calfs. Girl! I have got you covered! All right, lets jump to the pictures!💁‍♀️

1.Foot Petals

My first stop was getting something that I constantly recommend my customers at the shop. Do you have a shoe that you absolutely love but has lost its comfortable padding? Or what about a heel that you need for your next wedding event but your specific size is not available? Its in these scenarios that we found Foot Petals shines! We will be getting foot pads to give your favorite shoes that comfort you need. Heel liners to make that heel (the Bride wants everyone to wear) fit. And some other extra accessories to extend the life of your shoes.👢 We tried and tested their sneaker balls and foot pads and can guarantee they absolutely work! Foot Petals will be available in our shop by early March.

2.Steven Ella

If you have been our customer for awhile you probably already know all about Steven Ella. They are one of our best sellers in our shop due to its quality and affordable price. We will be getting a lot of 💎bling💎 this year from them on the sandals. I took a pic of some of my favorite Spring Flats I got from them. These styles will be arriving by April.


Now this is a new brand we will have at our store! For you wide-width gals this is the brand to look out for. Among some of our fave styles is a closed toe dress shoe with a hook and loop strap. This style fits wide-width sizes. If you are like me and don't wear heels higher than 4" inches then you will love the stacked heel sandal we got from them! Its the same trending style that will be popular this summer but with a shorter heel! Our top favorite is the cowboy boots with the slouch detail.😍 As you can see from the picture this boot fits wide-calfs!🙌 Most of these styles will be available by April.

4.Dream Seek

Guys! We didn't forget about you! Of course we got men shoes as well. We already carry this brand in our shop. We love the quality of these shoes and one of our Top Selling men dress shoes is from this brand. We will be getting many sneakers and tennis for you guys by March.

5.Pierre Dumas

We are so excited to get Pierre Dumas in our shop! They have been around for over 60 years and like my sales rep said they "are not new kids on the block and they know their stuff". The first thing that caught my attention was the quality and detail they put on their shoes. The boots with the snake print detail we shared on Instagram is from them. Guys! We got men shoes from them and they all have memory foam insoles! These are more on the luxury side but I promise its worth it! We will start receiving these styles between March and June.

6.Eva Varro

Eva Varro is probably the most luxurios item we will have in our shop. The pieces we will be getting from them are all custom made in the USA! The jackets we will get from them are so flattering.😍 These styles will all be available in plus sizes as well. Their leggings are double sided so its like getting 2 in 1. These will start arriving by late June.

7.Love Tree

You have probably seen this brand at other popular boutiques. Well Sarichka will not be left behind.😉 We got some very cute spring and fall pieces from them. They also have plus size. Their material is very airy and lightweight so its perfect for spring and summer. They will start arriving by late April.

8.Honey Punch

If you got our Lace Maxi Romper before then you already know all about Honey Punch. Their pieces are very unique and of good material. We already received a Black Lace Maxi Dress from them. Because they are so popular we were able to get a very limited quantity. Once a style is gone there is no guarantee we will be able to get more. The stripped jacket with the matching pants and jumpsuit will arrive by late July.

9.Sheer Kimonos

One thing we absolutely love about these is that they are 2" inches bigger than your average sheer kimono. Even though they are one-size if you are plus size these will fit. I made sure to check the fit!🙋‍♀️ I was actually looking for something like this to dress up my outfit for this trip and could not find any. I so wanted to get one on the spot! You can wear jeans and your favorite cotton t-shirt and dress up your look with a sheer kimono and a long necklace. These will be a must have staple piece in your closet. We will be getting these by late March.

10.Lena Luisa

We have been in the shoe business for well over 12 years now. One of the brands with started our company with was Lena Luisa. We have always loved their good quality and affordable price. They had soo many cute styles of sandals and I may have gone overboard here🤷‍♀️ But one style I made sure to get in all colors for you ladies is the stacked heel platform sandals. I absolutely love the detail they put into their shoes plus they are lightweight! These will arrive by late April.

11.Stride by Sloggers

We loved this print so much we got all 4 heights of these rain boots. They are padded and are completely waterproof. This brand is based and make their boots in the USA. We checked the fit and these fit wide-widths sizes. They will start arriving by late April.


If you love Honey Punch but need a more affordable option then this is the brand to watch out for! They have the very popular lace maxi rompers! You will see these rompers all over Instagram in the coming season. We made sure to pick the top trending colors.🙌 These will start arriving by late April.


The flowy pieces and stunning prints of Angie's is what this spring/summer is all about. These are pieces you will want to take for your summer vacation. They are resort worthy and super comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. We are getting some beautiful blouses in plus size as well from them. They will start arriving by late March.


Here is another item you need to pack for your next vacation to that resort in Cancun! Authentic leather huaraches made in Mexico. These shoes do run on the wide side making them perfect for wide-width sizes. As its natural with real leather they will adjust to your feet with use. This one will arrive by May.

15. and of course more Accessories!🙆‍♀️

Purses, clutches, backpacks, fanny-packs, cross-body bags. You name it! We will be getting something for every style and print. Including the snake print which will be the trend of this year!🐍 They start arriving in March.

We will be notifying email subscribers first of any upcoming arrivals with a special introductory price. So make sure you are subscribed to our email list!📧 Some of you have sent me some really sweet notes and I want to say thank you so much for your kind words!😊

The lady in the pictures is my mom Rosa. Hey I need to make sure I was under control in Las Vegas!😉😂 During the whole trip I wore my favorite Camel Short Slip on Boots. They were super comfortable for all that walking I did plus taking them off at the airport was a breeze. My mom wore our Black Shiny Flats and our Loafers with Laces. She wanted to not only be comfortable but wanted to look polish as well. Hey, shoes make the outfit!


Can't wait to share everything as we get them with our cute models on Instagram and Facebook! Is there a brand or specific style you would like to see us carry? Let me know in the comments section! In the meantime, let the summer shopping begin!🌞

Shoe addict,

Sara B.👠


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🎊Going into 2019 comfortably👟 December 19, 2018 23:17

🎆I am so ready for 2019✨! The first thing I do once is January is hit up my local Bath and Body Works!🤷‍♀️ Hey, I used to work there and lemme give you some insider knowledge (some pretty good stuff comes out at heavily discounted prices right after New Year’s Day💸💸) If you are like me then you know that the first thing to do before going shopping is grab a comfy pair of shoes for all that walking.🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Let’s be real, most of us wear either flats or sneakers most of the time because of the comfort. I read an article recently talking about the decline in high heel sales where it said in part that “Comfort is trending. That is like the number one thing. Women want to be comfortable” Its true, today’s women put comfort first when dressing up for either work or play. Society is changing and we don’t want to be measured by the height of our heels.👩 With that being said, what options do you have in comfortable shoes for different occasions? Keep scrolling to see my Top Picks!♥♥♥

1. Shoes for everyday wear (Style shown Mable-1 in Tan) I love how cushioned☁ these flats are and they are so easy to slip on (🧦 socks optional) It's all in the details for a shoe to make you look classy😉


2. Sneakers for working out or to match the "I am fit" outfit😉(Style shown Y15902 in Grey) Having a good pair of sneakers is a must in your shoe closet👟 My fave feature in this sneaker is the wedge, it gives a cushioned feel each time you walk🚶‍♀️ I am looking forward to wearing these for my New Year's resolution (Yep, I'm at it again🤷‍♀️)


3. Flats for work (Style shown FU0012 in Red and Nude) Ladies are swapping their heels for flats! Society is changing and wearing comfy flats to work is now more acceptable💁‍♀️ I have seen some wear round flats to work and that is fine, but I really think that a pointed toe is more classy💄 Also, you can't go wrong with a patent look😍 


4. Comfy at Special Occasions (Styles shown Mika-42 in Rosegold and Supple-07 in Red) The shoe industry has picked up on the comfort trend and has designed flats that can be worn for more formal occasions. If you want to be comfortable at that next party I highly recommend you opt for either flats with a patent look or even better.. 😍💎RHINESTONE STUDDED💎😍 We no longer wear just black, gold or silver to formal occasions, we love color🌈 Take for example these trending Rose gold flats or these Red flats perfect for the season!


Here is a pic of me wearing the Mika-42 in Rose gold for a formal occasion this past summer📸

💎Shining like a diamond but comfortable(the feet of course!😉)💎 

There are so many styles that I just love (and are in my closet🤫) but I wanted to keep this post short and sweet. What style of flat is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below👇 

Btw, ✨Happy New Year✨ 

Shoe Addict,

Sara B.

🎸Let's Rock This Fall🍂🍁 November 15, 2018 15:11

Yes, like the tittle suggests, I love to Rock!🤘 This past October I went to the Houston Buzzfest, which is a rock concert sponsored by the radio station 94.5 The Buzz, and it features different bands and artists. We really went to see Chevelle but discovered new bands in the process. My first favorite was Badflower. They are an emerging band but have alot of potential. My favorite song from them is "Animal" Another band I fell in love with was The Struts. O👏M👏G👏 you guys have to check out this band! Their songs are very upbeat and their lead singer, Luke Spiller, sure knows how to fire up a crowd. My favorite song from them is "Body Talks"

 << The Struts performing at Buzzfest

For the concert and going out I started wearing our new Camel Short Boots and I just cannot take them off! I love these boots❤👢❤ They are super comfy to walk with and I get alot of compliments for them. I matched my fav boots with my new Faux Leather Jacket by Sheryl Crow. I love this jacket, it has lyrics to some of her songs in the inner lining, and don't get me started on the embroidered eagle on the back! I literally want to cut my hair just so the eagle can be more visible🤷‍♀️ 


These boots are also available in Black. The jacket I got from HSN. 

At the time of writing this post we got some new arrivals. We will be posting them next week. One of these new arrivals is a very very tall velvet boot with a braid detail on the side. As much as I love these tall boots they just don't look good on short people like myself😢 However, I got them in the shorter size in both the Tan and Black color😉(hey, I take care of my customers) I have been seeing this style everywhere I go so I really wanted to carry it in my shop!

Don't forget to subscribe to our email list! We will have different specials, exclusive to our email subscribers, leading up to BFCM. 

What are your favorite boots? Let me know in the comments below.


Shoe Addict,

Sara B.💁‍♀️👢 

❤For the love of Leopards!🐆 September 4, 2018 13:51

View our Fave Summer Vacay Pics + Check out our Favorite Flats for this Fall Season

Loving the New Arrivals! May 1, 2018 14:56

Hey, its been a while since I posted. We have been very busy moving our shop around and getting back to "normal" after everything that happened here in Houston. But we are back on track and this year is looking bright and filled with hope! We are now back to adding new styles each week YAY! I have to say that the Pink Platform Sandals with the Rhinestone strap in the front are my absolute favorite<3<3 I have just been into that color lately, from shoes to bags to even my house color, SERIOUSLY! LOL It's a trending color right now and its easy to see why. Going into summer this will still be my new favorite color and yes, I will continue looking for more shoes in this pink/blush color. We will also be adding more handmade jewelry in our site. These pieces are made by my mom Rosa, I absolutely love the quality and the design of her handmade jewelry and I just know you will love it as well. Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list so you can be in the loop as to New arrivals and Sales. Cheers!


-Sara :)

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Looking back on 2017 December 1, 2017 09:03

This year came with both, its high and lows. Our biggest obstacle this year was definitely Hurricane Harvey. After alot of hard work, we were able to re-open our store in October. On the positive side, this year we have expanded to other sales channels. You can now find us on Amazon and Ebay. We are still working to expand to other sales channels this coming year. This year on our Ebay shop we added charities to donate to. Our preferred charities are St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital and Houston Humane Society. Starting December we will be adding a third charity to our list, The Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks to our Customers we have donated $155.67 to our preferred charities so far this year. In July we opened a second location in Cleveland, Texas. You can now find us at People's Village Flea Market Booth# A-10. Its a very country like little shop and we love it. We can't wait to welcome 2018 with a lot of hope and positive vibes. It is our wish that your dreams and goals are fulfilled this coming year. Finally, we welcome you to check out the team behind #SarichkaBoutique, I was featured in the Inspiring Stories of Houston section of Voyage Houston. You can check out my interview and pics in the following link>>

Thank You Voyage Houston for this opportunity and featuring my story! 


With much love,

Sara B.

Below are the cut-off times for USPS and UPS. Place your order in time for guaranteed delivery before Dec.24. 


#BFCM September 30, 2017 00:30

It's almost that time of the year! Many hunt the online Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials for the best price on their favorite products (and gifts!) This year we have changed our sale approach, we will be offering discount codes vs discounting the shoes price. Why? We can guarantee that we have the best price on our shoes, if you find the exact same shoe cheaper somewhere else, then send us an email with the details and we will match it! Besides our really low prices we will also be offering FREE SHIPPING within the contiguous USA. Shipping deadlines to get your items before Christmas Eve will be posted later in another blog post and in our Facebook page. Below is a breakdown of our BFCM discounts. The codes to these discounts will be released the week before Black Friday, so don't forget to bookmark our store. Follow us on our Facebook page to be up to date on sales and new arrivals >> Click Here

#HoustonStrong September 1, 2017 02:10

Well, as many of you know, our hometown has recently suffered a major catastrophe. Hurricane Harvey brought about 50" inches of rain over Houston causing major flooding even in areas that have never flooded before. It is said that this storm was "worst than Tropical Storm Allison in 2001". Our Houston store, unfortunately, found itself under 3 feet of water, causing a huge loss of inventory. We were able to finally get access to our store today and seeing the damage done was just heartbreaking. However, we are grateful to still be with our beloved ones and our friends. Personally, I am very proud of my hometown. The best of our citizens has been seen evidenced on TV and if you live in Houston also at personal level. People risking their own lives and getting out of their comfort zone to save others. The amount of support sent by other cities and organizations is just amazing and at the moment of writing this it fills my eyes with tears. But not of sadness, but of gratitude. All I can say is that we will get through this together because we are one strong city with amazing citizens. A HUGE THANKS to everyone that was out there helping people, from HFD to HPD, from the Cajun Navy to individuals with a big heart to help, THANK YOU! But we also pray for the families that have lost loved ones. Houston lost some outstanding citizens answering the call of help. Their sacrifice will NEVER be forgotten.


Below I post some pics of how we found our store and how it looked after cleaning. We are not sure when the flea market itself will be open to the public, so don't forget to follow us on Facebook to keep updated.

#MyFav3 April 17, 2017 17:01

What is #MyFav3? Well, let me tell you all about it! Our most popular sale during spring/summer is our 3 for $25 sandals. We carry a large variety of styles from sizes 5-10 in adult and 9-4 for girls. You can mix and match from both the girls and women collections. New styles come in each week for our special, so don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be first to know what is new! Starting next month May, we will start our monthly giveaway! We are really excited to finally tell you about it! Here is how this will work. First, pick your 3 favorite sandals from our 3 for $25 special. Second, post a picture of your sandals on our Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtags #MyFav3 and #SarichkaBoutique. Third, we will pick 1 lucky winner each week! What are the prizes? It could be anything from coupons to promotional products! We will let everyone know the prize of the week on Tuesdays, starting May 9, on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We have big plans for this year! Soon we will open more locations here in Houston, TX. We will keep you posted!



Spring is Coming! LOL March 13, 2017 10:46

What is my most favorite part about Spring? Well, planting my vegetable garden was the first thing I took care of for the season. I most definitely can't wait to head to the beach as well. This year I will experiment with finger sandwiches on our beach/park picnics, YUM! The water is still kind of cold but the weather is wonderful here in Houston<3 All in all, hanging out with family and friends under our carport for barbecue is the best<3<3! Have you picked your favorite 3 sandals? I picked mine and love them. However, I am very tempted to pick another 3 from our new arrivals! They are so cute! We will have a lot of actives at our shop this coming season as well, from giveaways to sales. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be notified. Share your favorite 3 sandals with us using the hashtag #MyFav3 Check out the ones I picked below. That hashtag will also get you into our first giveaway of the year! More on that later, K! ;)

Which 3 did you pick? Share it with us using #MyFav3

New Year Resolutions<3 January 2, 2017 16:20

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2017! As with every start of the year, many people put themselves new year resolutions, and I am not left behind. LOL My resolution this year is to lose weight and eat more healthy by cooking more at home. To help me, I signed up for Rachel Ray's Magazine, I love their Shopping Week feature in every issue. They have awesome and easy meal plans that are within budget! To lose weight I will start using our Hot Shaper everyday I can, especially during workouts. As with any resolution the trick is consistency! No matter what you propose yourself this year, know that anything is possible if you have consistency. It will be hard but very possible. I promise to post my results next month in my journey to being more healthy!

^^Thank You!^^ October 26, 2016 17:54

It's been over one year since we started I wanted to thank all our customers that have supported our small business. Our top priority is for our customers to be satisfied with their purchase. In this month full of gratitude we will continue to cherish the positive things in life while letting go of all the negative. Remember no matter what life throws at you there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 

Between Summer & Fall<3 August 17, 2016 21:36

Well its that time of the year again. Time to start deciding what my look will be this Fall. I have to admit that fall is my favorite season of fall. The colors the smells the weather its just perfect, don't you agree? LOL Anyways this Fall I am going for a rocker look. I plan to implement this with leather jackets and rocker style boots. Do you know what trend is making a comeback? Chokers!! Yes, our favorite 90's style choker necklaces are making a comeback and they will look awesome combined with our rocker look. ROCK ON!! LOL. Well for my first outfit I am getting a transitional piece for the top. Its mustard color and lace details go very well with both summer and fall. The jeggings are perfect when you are wearing rocker style boots. We have a variety of choker styles with different charms but for this look I picked our bow knot choker with the leaf charm. CUTE!<3 What is your favorite part about Fall?

Beach Inspired Summer Outfit May 11, 2016 09:12

Hey, well its been rainy here in Houston as some may already know. I am looking forward to summer (can't wait to go to the beach!) LOL Of course that is until my allergies calm down. Anyways I really wanted to start creating a cute summer outfit and this year I want to show a little more cleavage! The pink version of this top was featured in another blog post and it was a hit. This year for summer I am choosing the same top but in the blue color. What I like about this top is how the cutouts really make you look sexy. The cutouts run from the front to the back, its perfect for hot weather but without showing too much. The v-neck shape in the front is perfect to showcase the gold color turtle design jewelry set. I had a hard time debating over the turtle, starfish, dolphin etc.. so many choices! I ended picking the turtle because the shape really flatters the v-neck cutout from the top.. and its cute! I was not sure about picking shorts for this outfit I really had thought about capris, but, in the end the shorts were the way to go when I considered the weather. Plus shorts are just better when going to the beach or a cruise. LOL I picked the tan color to go with the natural color anchor and shell design cross body bag. This outfit will also go well with denim shorts (I just happen to like tan color alot). If you go with the denim shorts you can use the aqua color cross body bag. For the flats well it depends you can wear flip flops if going to the beach or a really cute pair of sandals with embellishments if going somewhere else. OMG I really really can't wait to go the beach! I just love spending time with the family at the beach! Have fun this summer!

Flowy White Top February 18, 2016 14:08

Spring is around the corner! Here is my first Spring outfit featuring a must have for this season; A flowy white top. This top is cute and very flattering since it hides the tummy area. It can be pair with any outfit since its a neutral color. For the bottoms I picked our new Washed Denim Jeans pants. Although dark jeans look just as good with this top I went with the lighter color to make the accessories pop. For the jewelry I picked our Multicolored Jewelry set. For a dressed up look wear the set for a more casual look wear just the earrings and bracelet. For the bag I picked our new Bicycle print Backpack in Tan color. This bag looks very unique and matches perfectly with the Tan Wedges. Don't forget if you wear this outfit share a picture with us via Facebook and Twitter!

Valentine Outfit<3 January 19, 2016 17:18

Hey everyone! I know it has been quite a while since I posted another Blog and for that I am very sorry! With the end of year and then again beginning of year events it has been hard for me to get my mojo back. Before starting with my new outfit I want to first thank everyone that purchased their Christmas gifts with us! :) I think the gifts were a success because to this date no one has exchanged or return their items! Well now on to my Valentine's Day outfit. This outfit has to have red, why? Well because Valentine colors are mainly red and pink. I could have probably gone a bit more fancy with a black dress but let's leave that for our Little Black Dress Day;) Well for the top I picked our new Red Graphic Print Top with Open Sleeve Design. The gold foil "Love" print puts this top in season. For the tops I picked our new Dark Blue Knit Denim Skinny Pants. This pants stretch and are very comfortable. My favorite part about this pants its that it has working pockets. I love Jeggings but many of them don't have pockets and sometimes having pockets both front and back is a need LOL. For the accessories I picked first our new Gold Color Round Shape Jewelry Set. OMG this piece of jewelry looks so much more brighter in person than in the picture. I love love this jewelry set. I might make a video about it because it looks just so amazing in person. For the handbag I picked our Gold Sequins Tote Bag. This bag matches the foil print of the top perfectly and makes the statement color stand out. This bag is in special so get yours before they sell out! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful time this coming February and don't forget to let me know what you think by commenting below.

Leopards for Fall<3 November 2, 2015 08:00

All right let's see! Who else has been eating a little more chocolate lately? LOL Anyways, I hope everyone is doing okay. We've been having some pretty nasty storms here in Texas this past weekend. Lot's of rain! Thankfully no one in the family was hurt! Well anyways on to the outfit. For this week I wanted to create a look that can be worn this season but still be fashionable. I went with beige and red colors with leopard prints as a detail. I don't know if you have notice but leopard prints and beige is a hot trend right now. I have been seeing the newscaster in my local city wear it all the time on TV. For the top I picked our new Burgundy Chiffon Top with Rolled Sleeves and Gold Color Necklace. I love how comfortable this top feels on the body. The leopard print detail brings this top alive along with the necklace. For the bottoms I picked our Tapered Pants in Mocha color. This pants are not to tight like leggings making them perfect to wear when you are traveling or going to a family gathering. For the jewelry since the top already has a necklace that comes with it I just complement it with our Gold Color Leopard Design Metal Watch. I picked our Leopard Scarf Tote Bag in Gold color not only because it matches well with the outfit but also because its larger size is perfect for traveling. Well I hope you like this week's look and don't forget to let me know what you think by commenting below! If you like the look please share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!

Chity Chic** October 25, 2015 20:50

Hey everyone! I am praying that everyone that was in Hurricane Patricia's way is safe. We got a lot of rain this weekend from the remnants of Patricia so it has been raining all day plus it was windy and much cooler on Sunday. Well a lot of boots were sold this weekend at our shoe store so if you like a pair from our webstore better get them soon before they are gone! Well on to this weeks outfit. For this week I worked around our New York City Skyline Tote Bag in the black color. I really like this tote bag it looks very chic! For the outfit itself I went with our new Black/Royal Blazer and Skirt set. For the top I picked our Royal Blue Tank Top which is now available for purchase. For the jewelry I picked our Elegant Triangle Crystal Glass Pendant Alloy Necklace Stud Earring Jewelry Set in Navy Blue. This set looks perfect for this outfit and is not to bulky so you can wear it in the office. For the shoes I picked our Wedge Black Heels. The wedge heel on this shoes will keep you comfortable all day. However I also picked a pair of regular black flats for those that prefer to not wear heels at all. Well I hope you like this week's outfit and don't forget to comment below. Stay warm everyone<3<3

Bling! Bling! October 18, 2015 23:33

I sure hope everyone is cozy with a warm coffee in the hand when you read this post because I sure was cold when I started to write. LOL. Anyways for this week's outfit I went BLING BLING! Why you ask? Well for one thing I really like to shine and I know I am not the only one right!? LOL The dress I picked for this week reminds me of a dress that Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook picked for an evening dinner. The drape looks so sexy and sophisticated I just had to pick this one for an elegant evening dinner or party. We also have this same dress in White if you want to wear it for a wedding party. Silver accents really makes the bling pop with this dress that is why I picked Silver Studded Shoes with an open toe for more formality. For the jewelry I picked our new Sunflower Shape Jewelry Set in Black. For the clutch I picked our new Sky Evening Clutch in Black. The style of this clutch perfectly complements the design of the dress<3 Since the dress is sleeveless I opted to add a Chiffon Shrug in case you want to cover your arms. Honestly I would not mind wearing a Faux Fur Coat with this ensemble for the ultimate extravagant look! Well sorry if this week's post is short and simple but my fingers are really feeling cold LOL Well let me know what you think about this ensemble! And stay warm out there!<3

From Paris with <3<3 October 12, 2015 08:00

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather that this month of October brings us. I for one am really happy about how nice it feels outside here in Houston. I actually took out my chair to finish reading my latest book "Apple Orchard"<3 At first I was not sure about the plot but then it got interesting so I ended reading the whole thing! LOL Anyways for this week's outfit I worked around our new Paris Girl Print Tote Bag. One print that instantly reminded me of Paris was our Black Striped Tunic Top that is why I chose this tunic as the top of this week's outfit. For the bottoms our Black Leggings with Banded Waistband is perfect for this top and the look. Remember I did said in a previous post that I will be working with staple pieces this season so you might be seeing these leggings in future blog posts. For the jewelry I picked our Silver Color Tower Pendant. I was going to pick something more bulky but then I really want the attention to go to the print of this top that is why I opted for something more simple like this necklace. Anyways it matches the Paris theme of the outfit perfectly as well as the handbag. That leads us to the handbag which is our new Paris Girl Print Double Handle Tote Bag in Black. Now every Paris look tends to have something red, for this outfit you can wear our new Rust Cardigan which is red color or you can opt to wear red lips<3 I bring the Rust Cardigan because for me personally this cardigan in this color is a staple for this season<3 I did not post the shoes for this outfit because a pair of simple black flats will go with this outfit. We have plain black flats here in the store in various styles. Shiny, matte leather, suede etc. Well I hope everyone loves this look and don't forget to let me know what you think!

If you like Snakes! October 5, 2015 09:00

Hey! So for this week I worked around my favorite Snake Print Leggings. I just love this pants<3 They are comfortable and very sexy LOL This outfit would be perfect to wear for those upcoming parties that come with October but will still keep your look classy. For the tops I picked our Fuchsia Snake Print with Slim Belt Top. What I really like about this top is how the print continues our theme SNAKES! LOL For the bottoms (drum bells please lol) I picked our Black Snake Print Leggings. I just love these leggings. I absolutely love this pants they are very comfortable and make me feel very sexy. The snake print on this leggings is perfect for the theme and you can actually mix and match it with other tops to create a stunning outfit. For the jewelry I picked our new Snake Shape Stud Earrings. They continue the theme but if you feel its to much Snake you can always just wear any silver color stud earrings. For the handbag I picked our Two Tone Snake Print Handbag in Black. You can also just pick a Fuchsia or Black clutch if you are going to a party! For the shoes since its October and it already feels cool here in Houston I went with our Double Buckle Leather Heel Boots. I really love this outfit<3 Can't wait to wear it later in October! Let me know what you think!